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Tibok-tibok Have you attempted this well known Tibok Recipe or Rice Pudding from Pampanga. It is smooth and delectable, they consider it the Maja Blanca of Pampanga. It looks like the flavor of Maja yet in Pampanga the credible formula utilizes rice flour. Tibok-tibok is a pudding from Pampanga, customarily made with carabao’s milk. Carabao’s


 Halo-Halo This ultimate Filipino summer treat, Halo-halo is a sure and delicious way to cool down. With the combination of shaved ice and many different layers of sweet beans, fruits and other treats then drizzled with milk. Let us not forget the toppings, leche flan, ube halaya or even ube ice cream! Halo-haloin Tagalog means “mix mix” as

Filipino BBQ Pork Skewers

Filipino BBQ Pork Skewers If you want to make a delicious recipe at your next BBQ that will wow everyone, these Filipino BBQ Skewers are it. I’ve tried this marinade on beef, pork and chicken and it’s great on everything! Delicate bits of delightful pork coated with a sweet and exquisite sauce and new off

Siopao Asado (Filipino Steamed Pork Buns)

Siopao Asado Sweet, rich, and relax in your mouth pork asado braised perfectly encompassed by an excessively fragile and pillowy steamed buns–this siopao asado will satisfy any hunger craving. My people’s fundamental road for friendship was food, so I grew up snacking on siopao through various family undertakings and voyages just to guarantee I was

Puto (Filipino Steamed Rice Cakes)

Puto (Filipino Steamed Rice Cakes) This puto formula will give you vaporous, light and marginally sweet steamed rice cakes which are a Filipino work of art. As a child, there was consistently puto served on the pastry table at our family gatherings and they were consistently the ideal scaled down pieces to sneak before supper

Shrimp in Achiote Oil

Shrimp in Achiote Oil This Keto Filipino Shrimp with Achiote Oil is another Keto Pinoy equation you know and love made into a low carb interpretation. Sweet, delectable shrimp are sauteed with spread and minced garlic and a while later stewed in a soy and lime juice sauce. The last dish is showered with achiote

Crispy Scallion Pancakes (Cong You Bing)

Crispy Scallion Pancakes Chinese Scallions hotcake in any case called green onion pancake or Congyoubing is one of the acclaimed and traditional Chinese street sustenances and ideal Chinese breakfast. Those new and smell hotcakes are available all around China. Making your own scallion hotcake at home is straightforward and pleasing. I understand that various Chinese

Pancit Palabok

Pancit Palabok : Pancit Palabok is another standard and most adored pancit or noodle dish among Filipinos. Pancit Palabok normally incorporates rice noodles, thick yellow-orange sauce and various trimmings like shrimps, bits of smoked fish, pork chicharon, hard gurgled eggs, spring onions, squid rings, singed garlic and whatever one luxurious I would state. Regardless, I