How To Make Humba

Humba with pineapple, tausi, and dried banana blossoms is a delicious assortment of sweet and wonderful flavors you’ll appreciate with steamed rice! This Visayan interpretation of adobo is definitely not hard to make and sure to be a family top pick.

When I told my mom in 2016 that I quit my work environment to blog full time, the vital thing she said after a long calm was, “Paano pag nawalan ka na nang iluluto?” What in case you miss the mark on things to cook? She sounded so worried over my decision, yet I truly needed to impact out laughing. Her request was essentially diverting and beguiling and insane all the while.

The Filipino cooking is so rich and soaked with history and diverse regional flavors; I don’t altogether consider running of food to blog about would be an issue. A substantial model this humba. The arranging and cooking procedure resembles our pineapple pork adobo equation, anyway hurl in two or three additional fixings, for instance, tausi and banana sprouts, and you have a recently out of the container new dish to explore!


What is Humba

Humba (homba), which really implies sensitive (mumble) pork (ba), is a Visayan braised pork dish like the excellent adobo.

In this better and fattier commonplace structure, pork stomach is moderate cooked in a mix of soy sauce, vinegar or pineapple juice and aromatics, for instance, garlic, onions, peppercorns, and channel leaves. Right when the meat is fall to pieces fragile, palm sugar, pineapple, developed dim beans, and dried banana blossoms are incorporated for extra significance of flavor and surface.

Humba bisaya, as most Filipino stews, is ordinarily filled in as a principal dish, with very hot steamed rice as the perfect canvas for its sweet and impeccable meat and sauce.

Tips on How to Make Pork Humba Recipe

While you can combine everything together in one phase, require the extra effort of singing the pork midriff. Consuming over high warmth caramelizes the outside of the meat. which propels the dish with dynamically complex flavors.

The liquid in the container of pineapples is what you’ll use to braise the meat so guarantee the characteristic item is full in juice and not generous syrup.

Try to flush the tausi and channel well as they’re typically squeezed in a salty saline arrangement.

Make an effort not to marinate the meat for more than 8 hours as the sharpness of the vinegar and pineapple juice will isolate the meat’s protein strands, modifying the surface.

Cook low and deferred to allow the fat to render and the extraordinary, connective tissues to smooth to break up in-your-mouth delicacy.

Notwithstanding the way that vinegar is the customary braising liquid for humba, I like to incorporate pineapple juice for a touch of sweet, fruity taste.

Use gritty hued sugar and not white to improve the dish. It has an insignificantly less idea charm and contains molasses which improve the rich sort of the sauce. You can moreover use palm sugar, if available.

Pork-Humba (1)

Filipino Humba! Excessively delicious, delectable pork waist burned up and flung with a sweet and salty sauce. One of my all out top decisions!






2 lb. bone-in pork gut (the slice of pork should be part lean meat, part fat; it can similarly be boneless)

1–2 cups oil for searing

1–2 river leaves

1 onion, sliced

1 tablespoons mollusk sauce

2 tablespoons soy sauce (more to taste)

¼ cup pineapple treats

¼ cup dull beans

¼ cup natural shaded sugar

¼ cup vinegar

5 cloves garlic, stripped and squashed

1 ¼ cup water

½ cup green onions



Separate the fat from the lean meat by cutting the pork midriff into medium estimated pieces (around 2 inch by 1 inch). Warmth the oil in a gigantic skillet over medium low warmth and cook the bits of pork until splendid natural shaded, around 15 minutes. Remove from oil and divert in a bowl fixed with paper towels.

Move the pork to an enormous pot and incorporate the remainder of the fixings except for the green onions. Mix well and bring to a low air pocket over medium warmth. Spread and stew, mixing now and again. Following 30 minutes, incorporate the green onions and blend to mix them into the pot.

Spread again and stew for an additional 30 minutes, or until the pork is sensitive.


I don’t propose using some other kind of meat other than pork belly. I have endeavored this with a couple of cuts of pork and they are never equivalent to the pork belly since they dry out much snappier.

This is an equation for Pork Humba



Prep Time10 minutes

Cook Time1 hour

Outright Time1 hour 10 minutes


AuthorVanjo Merano

Marinate pork in soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, msg or vetsin, ground pepper salt in a bowl.

Warmth a colossal dish on the broiler by then incorporate the marinated pork blend until it hearty hued (cook under medium warmth).

Incorporate the star anise and gritty shaded sugar.

Incorporate water by then spread the compartment and let bubble on mode for 25 minutes (incorporate water fluctuating) or until pork totally ingested the sauce and produce its normal oil.

Move to a serving plate and serve.


  • In a bowl, combine pork, vinegar, soy sauce, and pineapple juice. Marinate in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Drain meat from marinade, reserving liquid.
  • In a wide pot over medium heat, heat oil. Add onions and garlic and cook, stirring occasionally, until limp.
  • Add pork belly and cook, stirring occasionally, until lightly browned.
  • Add reserved marinade and bring to a boil without stirring for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Add peppercorns and bay leaf,
  • Add black beans, pineapple chunks, banana blossoms. Stir to combine.
  • Lower heat, cover, and simmer until pork is tender.
  • Add brown sugar and stir until dissolved. Season with salt to taste. Continue to cook until liquid is reduced and begins to render fat. Serve hot.
  • Nutrition

    Serving: 6g

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