How to Make Tapioca Pearls From Scratch for Bubble Tea (Boba)

How to Make Tapioca Pearls From Scratch for Bubble Tea (Boba)

Chewy and sweet boba is such a treat at whatever point I drink jasmine milk tea or some other air pocket tea. Following quite a while of purchasing premade boba, I at long last have a formula to cause boba at home whenever I to feel a hankering going ahead. With only three fixings, dull earthy colored sugar, water, and custard starch, you can figure out how to make boba as well!

Why make homemade boba?

While I’ve been to a lot of boba bistros in the previous 20 years, I’ve thought that it was’ truly uncommon to discover custom made boba without any preparation at these bistros. As of late, OneZo (shops in California, New York and Massachusetts) stood out as truly newsworthy creation their boba coming up and I began to explore making boba at home since I needed to know precisely what I was devouring.

Subsequent to purchasing around 13 assortments of premade boba from various stores and online boba shops on the web, I saw that a considerable lot of these boba pearls were made with numerous sorts of fixings that I didn’t perceive. While I was exploring how to make boba without any preparation, I’ve discovered that most boba is made by a couple of fixings: custard starch, dull earthy colored sugar, and water.

The best tapioca pearl / boba brands

Making boba from home can be a serious test so I needed to offer you another alternative purchasing premade pearls. In the event that you need to make boba milk tea utilizing premade boba, you can purchase different brands on the web and in stores.

Be that as it may, if you don’t mind be cautioned, numerous individuals appear to experience issues cooking premade boba in any event, when they accompany guidelines. I purchased 13 unique assortments to assist individuals with investigating these cooking issues, and the techniques to cooking can fluctuate incredibly from brand, and type inside a brand, however at long last in case you’re willing to explore and retry, it’s a lot simpler than attempting to make your own boba.

These brands underneath are four of 13 I tried and these stood apart from the pack as the best due to the fast cooking time and better eventual outcomes. Here is a rundown of brands I suggest:

  • WuFuYuan 5 minute brown boba
  • WuFuYuan 3 Minute White Sago
  • TeaZone Chewy Tapioca Pearls (sold & owned by Lollicup)
  • Bossen White Tapioca Pearls

To cook these various sorts of boba, you can allude to our past How to Cook White Tapioca Pearls and How to Cook Tapioca Pearls posts. I likewise list our why I lean toward these particular brands and types on these posts for the boba above.

Tips to ensure better results

  • You have to utilize custard starch/flour. These are something very similar, however you unquestionably can’t substitute cornstarch for custard starch. The boba won’t structure appropriately.
  • Warmth it up: when warming up your water and dim earthy colored sugar, ensure the fluid gets sufficiently warmed so the custard starch can break down.
  • At the point when you move the sugar water and starch blend back onto the oven, you have to move quick! Continually mix the fluid and the moment that you begin to see thickening at the lower part of the container, eliminate it before it gets excessively clingy.
  • Work your batter! I saw a few recordings where individuals posted their boba fizzles since they thought their mixture was excessively dry, however it was simply because they didn’t ply their batter enough to consolidate the fixings.
  • Don’t over manipulate however! While plying, the mixture ought to be warm to the touch. Quit plying before it gets excessively cold and dry. Too dry batter will start to split. On the off chance that you pull your mixture separated rapidly, it should snap in the center. This is the point at which you should quit working and begin making your round balls.
  • Hold all the batter under stick wrap to keep it from drying out before you turn it out into balls.
  • Utilize more custard starch to cover the completed balls to keep them from staying together.
  • Drying boba will give you a superior round shape. While you can cook your boba promptly, I found that drying them out for around two hours will assist them with keeping their excessively round shape. On the off chance that you cook them promptly, they do take after raisins once you put them in the bubbling water, yet they balance a piece while cooking. Note: the shapes aren’t completely round, however the shape doesn’t change the flavor.


  • 40 g or 3 tbsp dark brown sugar
  • 60 ml or ¼ c water
  • 95 g or ¾ c tapioca starch or flour


  • 13 g or 2 tbsp dark brown sugar or honey optional


Making dough

  1. In a pan over medium-high warmth, include 40 grams of dull earthy colored sugar and 60 milliliters of water and mix until the sugar is completely disintegrated. Eliminate the skillet from warmth and ensure there are no air pockets any more.
  2. Include around 1 tablespoon of custard starch and blend in rapidly before it gets excessively uneven. Include the dish back onto the oven on medium-low warmth and mix continually until it starts to thicken. When you begin seeing the blend thicken on the lower part of the dish, eliminate it from the oven and start to mix until the whole blend thickens.
  3. Include the remainder of the custard starch into the skillet and keep on blending continually until you fuse all the starch into the blend. It ought to turn out to be marginally clingy and thicker to mix.
  4. Sprinkle custard starch onto a perfect surface and move your batter. Sprinkle more custard starch on head of the batter and cautiously work until it’s smooth and you get a less clingy surface. I work for around two minutes and include more custard starch if the batter actually feels excessively clingy. Pull the batter separated and in the event that it snaps in the center, at that point your mixture is finished plying.
  5. Cut the mixture into quarters and spot three of the quarters under stick wrap to keep them from drying out.
  6. Take one quarter and fold it into a long rope with ¼ of an inch width. Cut little bits of about ¼ of an inch segments along the rope. Take one piece and move it between the palm of your hands to frame little balls. Include some custard starch into a bowl or sheet dish to keep the balls from staying. You need to move before long in light of the fact that you would prefer not to dry out the batter. Rehash until you have shaped all the boba balls.
  7. When you have enough balls you can begin to cook them.

Cooking boba

  1. Bubble 10 cups of water in an enormous pot. When it hits a bubble, include ½ cup of boba. Sit tight for the boba to buoy and afterward lower to medium warmth. Keep on cooking on a stew for 20 minutes.
  2. At that point get the pot off the oven, spread with a top, and lay on the counter for an extra 20 minutes.
  3. Strain the pearls and run them under virus water to stop the cooking cycle and eliminate the boring external layer.
  4. On the off chance that you need to improve your boba, put them in a bowl and blend in two tablespoons of dull earthy colored sugar. Marinate for 10 minutes and present with your preferred milk tea!

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